mediate Plasmalogen Ge


Supplement containing Asaigermanium® (Organic germanium GE-132) + Plasmalogen.
Recommended for elderly people.



Product name: mediate Plasmalogen Ge
Ingredients: Trehalose (Made in Japan), Gelatin (Pig-collagen), Organic germanium GE-132, Scallop extract (Plasmalogen), Coloring (Gelatin, Titanium dioxide).
Content: per capsule
Asaigermanium 30mg
Plasmalogen 500μg
NET WT: 12.0g (weight per capsule 200 mg x 60 capsules).
Usage: To maintain good health, take 1 to 2 capsules daily with water or drink.
Country of manufacture: Made in Japan

Supplement containing Asaigermanium (Organic germanium GE-132).
Plasmalogen extracted from scallops richly contains EPA and DHA.
Recommended for elderly who want to take Plasmalogen with Asaigermanium.
Recommended for those who can’t keep memories for a long time.
Chronic stress & unhealthy food may be a cause of memory loss & aging.
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