Panasonic 5 Blades Linear Motor Shaver


World’s first 5 blades Linear Motor shaver.

14,000 strokes/minute High Speed.

Made in Japan



Make: Panasonic
Model: ES-LV9U
Charging: Rechargeable Fast 1 Hour Charging
Body dimensions: Height 16.7× width 7.2× depth 5.9cm (excluding cap)
Weight: Approx. 210 g (excluding caps)
Color: Silver
Trimmer Blade: Bottom Trimmer Blade
Head part: Adhesion 5D/head fixed/movable switching/Blade float mechanism
Outer blade: Stainless Steel 5 Blades
Inner blade: 30° Sharp Nano Edge Inner Blade
Trimmer: Sharp Trimmer (45°)
Drive method: Linear motor high-speed drive
Drive stroke: Approximately 14,000 strokes per minute
Voltage: AC100 to 240 V (with automatic voltage switching)
Number of days used: Fully charged, once a day for about 3 minutes for about 14 days
Battery type: Li-ion (Lithium) rechargeable battery
Charging system: Fully automatic cleaning charger AC adapter charging
Washing: Fully automatic cleaning charger sound wave cleaning mode / washing with water
Waterproofing: Waterproof (IPX7 standard)
Power consumption: Approx. 10W
Indication: 5-steps charge level display
Package dimensions: Height 22× width 18.3× depth 10.1cm
Country of production: Made in Japan (Consent adaptor is not Made in Japan)
Other Features: Beard Lift Blade, Finish blade, Multi-fit arc blade, Smooth Roller, Switch lock, Worldwide use.
Accessories: Fully automatic cleaning charger, semi-hard case, 1 dedicated cleaning agent, AC adapter, dedicated oil, cleaning brush

Additional information

Weight 500 kg