Tiger IH Rice Cooker


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Tiger IH Rice Cooker Recommended Points

1) “Copper-containing 3-layer black far-red kettle” spreads the heat evenly and cooks up to one grain of rice.

2) 130 degree high heating “Gouhi IH” Bring out the original sweetness of rice and wrap the whole pot at 130°C to heat. The unevenness of cooking is further suppressed and each grain of rice is cooked fluffy and delicious.

3) “Cooking menu” that allows you to enjoy a variety of menus In addition to cooking three types of white rice, there are menus that bring out each taste, such as “millet rice”, “okoge”, “porridge”, “brown rice”, “rice cooked”, and “rice cooked”. You can enjoy it.

Description of item IH rice cooker popular with tiger rice cookers. “Copper-filled 3-layer black far-red kettle” spreads heat evenly and cooks up to one grain of rice. With the “separate cooking menu” function, you can bring out even more deliciousness.


Model name:JKT-B103TK

Color pattern:(TK) Dark brown

Body size (approx.) (width x depth x height) :26.0 x 35.4 x 21.1 cm

Body mass (approx.) :3.8kg

Capacity:0.18-1.0L (1-5.5 go)

Maximum power consumption:1200W

Annual power consumption: (*1) :83.2kWh/ year

Electricity consumption for cooking rice once (*1): 157Wh (*2)

Power consumption during heat retention per hour (*1) :17.8Wh (*2)

Energy saving standard achievement rate:109%

Power supply:100V 50/60Hz

Heating method:Gou IH Inner pan copper containing 3 layers black far-red pot (1.5 mm thick pan), inner pan far-red, inner pan wash OK

Menu:Eco-cooked*, white rice* (chopped rice), polar horse*, early cooked*, cooked* (picked rice), porridge*, brown rice, increased GABA, milled rice*, rice, cake

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 35.4 × 21.1 cm

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