Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Rouge EX RD430


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Rouge born from beauty oil that is pure and gorgeous With a highly transparent luster color, you can also make pure and gorgeous impressions. Rouge born of beauty oil. Carefully selected beauty oil melts in your lips, and when you apply it quickly, you can apply it for 2 seconds to clear it, and the gloss and color change densely. You can freely control the color from pure to gorgeous with one. A scent that is gorgeous and invites femininity.

Internal capacity 4 g

how to use ●Please roll out the contents of about 2-3 mm and apply it directly to your lips. ●Gloss and color change depending on how you apply it to your lips, and you can enjoy the change in finish. (1) Immediately creates a pure impression. (2) Apply a red tip to the center of the lower lip for about 2 seconds to melt the beauty oil and then spread it over the whole area for a gorgeous impression.

Precautions ◇Because it is so soft, it may break or fall back if you put too much content. Also, please note that it may be broken by the impact of dropping. ◇Do not leave in direct sunlight or places with high temperature and humidity. Makes the lipstick softer and easier to break. ◇Wipe the mouth of the container after use and close the cap properly.

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