Non-contact infrared thermometer




・With Japanese manual

・Reliable manufacturer 6-month warranty attached

・Non-contact type allows quick measurement of body temperature and object temperature

・Easily switch between objective mode and human body mode Accurate measurement is possible according to the advanced correction mode

・High quality Japanese sensor

・Equipped with advanced environmental correction function

・Highly accurate and highly reliable measurement that is not affected by the surrounding environment

・Easy to understand fever alarm function

・Uses two AAA batteries <Precautions for use> This product is a household thermograph-type simple thermometer, and it does not meet Japanese medical device standard standards. Please do not use it for pathological diagnosis and other medical activities as it is not available.

■Measurement distance: 5~15cm

■Measurement range: Human temperature 32~42.9℃ Objective 0~100℃

■Measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃/

■ Operating environment: 16~35℃

■ Storage environment: -20~55℃

■Power supply: d.c 3V 2AAA alkaline battery

■Memory storage: 32

■ Automatic power OFF: 20 seconds

■Size: 127mm*76mm*39mm

■Body weight: 84g

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 127 × 76 × 39 cm

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