Foot Massager Comfort Win




● The highest quality large foot massager With our unique Shiatsu roller and center point, you can enjoy a variety of massages according to your preference with a wrapping hand-feeling massage roller. (Low rotation speed of 22 rotations per minute realizes a feeling of rubbing comparable to that of a hand.)

● As it has a built-in amplifier and speaker, you can connect the audio device to the main unit with the supplied connection cord. Relaxing posture while listening to music will increase the relaxation effect.

● You can massage not only your feet but also your hands and waist. [Effects] Relieving fatigue, improving blood circulation, relieving muscle fatigue, loosening muscle stiffness, relieving pain from neuralgia/muscle pain <Product specifications>

■Built-in amplifier + speaker ■Medical device certification number 220AGBZX00235000 ■Main body: Blue / Cover: Light blue

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Weight 2 kg

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