BEREZO CALIENTE B-100 Brush iron


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A brush-type curling iron with outstanding usability and functionality A safety design that prevents burns due to the outer brush pin and the safe tip cover. Makes your hair shiny every time you use it with a ceramic and negative ion generator!

● Excellent brush pin

● Far infrared rays & negative ion generation

●Maximum temperature about 230℃

●Safety considerations

● Overseas specifications available -The secret that is easy to arrange is the brush shape!

Styling method Take a hair bundle with a width of about 3 cm and slide the iron to the tips of the hair as if to blow it. *If you cannot get the styling as you want, please try again. *During sliding, do not get your hair caught or stay in the same position for more than 3 seconds. The heat can damage your hair.

● Hair tips and bangs If you take a bunch of hair and slide the iron to the tip of the hair in the image of drawing a semicircle, you can make a curled styling.

●Top soft volume up Take a bunch of hair from the root where you want the root to rise and the top where you want to give volume, and slowly slide the iron from the root.

Model number B-100 Power supply/Power consumption 100V-240V (with automatic switching function)/75W 50/60Hz Barrel temperature Approx. 80°C to 230°C (changeable in 5°C increments) Body size L280mm×W58mm×H42mm Brush pin length about 1.5m Weight about 399g (including code) Cord length about 2mm Country of Origin: Japan Code JAN: 4589718050010

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Weight 0.399 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5.8 × 4.2 cm

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