Touring Cooker Set

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Touring Cooker Set
Touring Cooker Set
Contents : Sauce pan, Sauce pan cover, Milk pan, Milk pan cover, Milk pan tray, Pan, Ladle, Turner
Size : Sauce pan (14 x 7cm), Sauce pan cover (14.5 x 1.6cm), Milk pan (12 x 6.5cm), Milk pan cover (12.7 x 1.5cm), Milk pan tray (11.8 x 2.6cm), Pan (14.5 x 3cm)
Capacity : Sauce pan (1070cc), Sauce pan cover (260cc), Milk pan (730cc), Milk pan cover (180cc), Milk pan tray (275cc), Pan (500cc)
Material : 18-0Stainless
Weight : 630g

Price:  ¥6,970

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